Addressing Diversity in Social Systems (Part 2)

Scientific insights into global transformations invariably require accounting for a plurality of stakeholder groups and interests. Contemporary applications of systems analysis are breaking new ground by explicitly accounting for such diversity, as well as for the associated complexity of human behavior. Participatory processes engaging stakeholders and policy makers in the whole cycle of designing and implementing research have proven invaluable for promoting a wider acceptance of scientific analyses. The interfacing of science with art is also increasingly recognized as a powerful conduit for reaching broader audiences.

This session focuses on methodological approaches that facilitate stakeholder involvement and promote accounting for stakeholder diversity.


Introduction & chair: Mary Scholes, University of the Witwatersrand  & Chair, IIASA SAC

  • Christoph Hauert, University of British Columbia: Honour, shame and climate change – Lessons from public goods experiments – PDF
  • Anna Scolobig, ETH Zurich: From stakeholder views to policy options – PDF


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Location: Date: 13th November 2015 Time: 11:00 - 12:00 Mary Scholes Christoph Hauert Anna Scolobig