Trans-disciplinary Inspiration in Systems Thinking

This session showcases the diversity of conceptual approaches that different fields of natural and social science have developed for defining and analyzing systems. Elucidating alternative systems perspectives across research areas as disparate as neuroscience, quantum theory, engineering sciences, ecology, economics, psychology, sociology, and computer science, key ideas concerning system elements, system interconnectedness, system boundaries, and system dynamics will be introduced and compared, with the goal of promoting trans-disciplinary inspiration in systems thinking.


Introduction & chair: Mark Stafford-Smith, CSIRO & IIASA NMO Secretary for Australia

  • Brian Fath, IIASA & Towson University: Sustainability of complex systems: Insights from ecological dynamics – PDF
  • Yamir Moreno, University of Zaragoza: From small to big data: The physics of human behavior – PDF
  • Alexei Gvishiani, Russian Academy of Sciences: Systems analysis for geophysics: Challenges of the 21st century – PDF
  • Luciano Pietronero, University of Rome Sapienza: New metrics for economic complexity: Measuring the intangible growth potential of countries – PDF


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Location: IIASA Date: 11th November 2015 Time: 13:45 - 15:45 Mark Stafford-Smith Brian Fath Yamir Moreno Alexei Gvishiani Luciano Pietronero