Howard Raiffa

The Systems Analysis 2015 conference is dedicated to Howard Raiffa for his huge contribution to systems analysis. As an influential Bayesian decision theorist, Raiffa is a pioneer in the field of decision analysis, with works in statistical decision theory, game theory, behavioral decision theory, risk analysis, and negotiation analysis. He helped found and was the first director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. He is currently the Frank P. Ramsey Professor (Emeritus) of Managerial Economics, a joint chair held by the Business School and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, USA.


Conference Partners

IIASA in collaboration with The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), USA; the Complexity Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and the Santa Fe Institute, USA will host Systems Analysis 2015.



INFORMS is the leading international association for professionals in analytics and operations research (O.R.). INFORMS advances research, and develops and promotes best practices in analytics and O.R. through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development. INFORMS helps business, government, and other organizational professionals make better decisions to drive value to their organizations and society. Our certification program (CAP®), highly cited publications, educational meetings and conferences, continuing education, industry and process-focused networking communities, competitions, and recognition provide professionals with the knowledge and connections they need to achieve ever greater value for their organizations. Further information about INFORMS, analytics, and operations research is at www.informs.org or @informs.


About the Complexity Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Complexity Institute at Nanyang Technological University came into existence in April 2014, with the goal of becoming a global center for complexity research. Located in Singapore on the campus of Asia’s fastest rising young universities, the Institute is a center for transdisciplinary research and teaching on complexity and complex adaptive systems. It studies how interactions within a system and its environment generate its dynamical patterns of behavior.


About the Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center, founded in 1984, where leading scientists grapple with some of the most compelling and complex problems of our time. Researchers come to the Santa Fe Institute from universities, government agencies, research institutes, and private industry to collaborate across disciplines, merging ideas and principles of many fields — from physics, mathematics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities — in pursuit of creative insights that improve our world.



Conference Committees

Board of Principals

Pavel Kabat (Director General and CEO, IIASA)

Jennifer Dunne (Vice President for Science, Santa Fe Institute)

Stephen Lansing (Co-Director, Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University)

Stephen Robinson (Past President, INFORMS)

Peter Sloot (Co-Director, Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University)


Scientific Committee


Chair: Pavel Kabat (Director General and CEO)

Vice-Chair: Elena Rovenskaya (Program Director, Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

Vice-Chair: Ulf Dieckmann (Program Director, Evolution & Ecology Program)

Wolfgang Lutz (Program Director, World Population Program)

Keywan Riahi (Program Director, Energy Program)

Markus Amann (Program Director, Mitigation of Air Pollution & Greenhouse Gases Program)

Daniel Jessie (Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

Rupert Mazzucco (Research Scholar, Evolution & Ecology Program)

Karl Sigmund (Senior Research Scholar, Evolution & Ecology Program)

Stefan Thurner (Senior Research Scholar, Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

Simon Levin (Distinguished Visiting Fellow)



Andrzej Ruszczyński (Distinguished Professor, Management Science & Information Systems, Rutgers Business School, USA)

Darinka Dentcheva (Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)


Santa Fe Institute

Geoffrey West (Distinguished Professor)

Luis Bettencourt (Professor, Complex Systems)


Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University

Stephen Lansing (Co-Director, Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University)

Peter Sloot (Co-Director, Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University)


Organizing Committee

Co-Chair: Geoff Clarke (Senior Science Officer, IIASA)

Co-Chair: Iain Stewart (Head of Communications, Library & Media, IIASA)

Susie Riley (Head of Finance & Sponsored Research, IIASA)

Angelika Scherzer (Program Assistant, IIASA)


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