Framing Session: Two Keynote Lectures

The framing session sets the stage for the conference. It reflects on the current revival of systems thinking; highlights the major new challenges for systems analysis that require methodological advances; showcases a recent application of systems analysis that has been enabled by methodological advances; and discusses the plurality of contemporary systems-analysis approaches among disciplines and along the traditional continuum between reductionism and holism.


Introduction & chair: Don Saari, IIASA Council Chair & University of California, Irvine

  • Simon Levin, Princeton University: Current revival of systems thinking and major challenges for systems analysis – PDF
  • Nebojsa Nakicenovic, IIASA: Recent applications of systems analysis for achieving sustainable futures for all on a safe planet – PDF



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Location: Date: 11th November 2015 Time: 09:35 - 10:45 Don Saari Simon A. Levin Nebojsa Nakicenovic