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Conference Posters

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Title Authors
Robust strategies for risk-management of rare events Timonina-Farkas A
The Formation of Structured Cooperative Communities Sjödin H, Brännström Å, Mazzucco R, Dieckmann U
Control of Diffusion Processes in Multi-agent Networks Wildemeersch M, Chan WHR, Quek TQS
A Review of Socio-technical Energy Transition Models Li FGN, Trutnevyte E, Strachan N
Diagnosing Disaster Resilience of Communities as Complex Socioecological Systems Liu W, Dugar S, Bhandari D, Keating A, Mechler R
A Hardware and Software System for Geomagnetic Data Retrieval, Exchange, and System Analysis Dobrovolsky MN, Soloviev AA, Kudin DV, Sidorov RV, Grudnev AA, Agayan SM, Bogoutdinov ShR
Freshwater Ecosystems: From Models to Applications Mazzucco R, Ficker H, Gassner H, Wanzenboeck J, Nguyen TV, Kim DH, Heo M, Chon TS, Dieckmann U
A Commercialization Strategy for Carbon-negative Energy Sanchez DL, Kammen DM
The Climate Crisis—Why we must Limit Fossil Fuel Extraction to Stop Run-away Climate Change Kühne K, Schneider E
When the Well Runs Dry, Where Do We Go Now? Exploring Internal Migration due to Climate Stress in Asia and Central and South America Abel, Guy J, Muttarak R
Building a Portfolio of Weather Risk Transfer Contracts: Contrasts with Natural Catastrophe Contracts and Implications for Reducing Risk to the Vulnerable Bodily S, Coleman DM
Integrated Multi-scale Modeling Framework for Assessment of Land-use Related Challenges under Global Change Petr Havlík1, Hugo Valin1, Aline Mosnier1, Nicklas Forsell1, Stefan Frank1, David Leclère1, Amanda Palazzo1, Tatiana Ermolieva1, Mykola Gusti1,2, Juraj Balkovič1, Rastislav Skalský1, Erwin Schmid3, Mario Herrero4, Florian Kraxner1, Michael Obersteiner1
Optimal Localization of Next-generation Biofuel Production Integrated in Swedish Forest Industry Wetterlund E, Pettersson K, Lundmark R, Lundgren J
Power-to-gas and Power-to-liquids for Managing Renewable Electricity Intermittency in the Alpine Region Mesfun S, Sanchez DL, Leduc S, Kraxner F
Improving Ethiopian Smallholders’ Income and Food Security: An Assessment of Alternative Policy Options Bocqueho, G., Boere, E., Mosnier, A., Havlik, P.
Negative Emissions and Interactions with other Mitigation Options: A Bottom-up Methodology for Indonesia Kraxner F, Leduc S, Yowargana P, Schepaschenko D, Fuss S, Havlik P, Mosnier A
Towards Systematic Evaluation of Crop Model Outputs for Global Land-use Models Leclère D, Azevedo LB, Skalský R, Balkovič J, Havlík P, Obersteiner M
Adaptation to Increasing Risks of Forest Fires Khabarov N, Krasovskii A, Obersteiner M, Swart R, Dosio A, San-Miguel-Ayanz J, Durrant T, Camia A, Migliavacca M
Back to the Roots – Accentuate the System Approach in Energy System Modelling Krook-Riekkola, A
Analysis of Close-to-optimal Zones in LP Decision-support Models Smirnov A, Wagner F, Rovenskaya E
Probabilistic Spatial and Temporal Resilience Landscapes for the Congo Basin Pietsch S.A., Bednar J.E., Mosnier A., Obersteiner M.
Ergodic to Non-ergodic Behavior Transitions and Hysteresis in Ecosystem Models Pietsch S.A., Bednar J.E.
Implementing Sustainability Issues in the Procurement Processes of Construction Works Wall J, Hofstadler C
Energy Sector Adaptation in Response to Water Scarcity Fricko O, Johnson N, Parkinson S, Riahi K
Towards Sustainable Livestock Production Systems: Analyzing Ecological Constraints to Grazing Intensity Fetzel T, Havlik P, Erb KH
Systems Analysis Approach for Carbon Science Economics Convergence Research for Mid-Latitude Ecotone Lee WK, Moon JY, Kraxner F, Shvidenko A
Copula Approaches for Risk Assessment and Management Hochrainer-Stigler S, Pflug, G.
Adaptive Dynamics: Some Basic Theory and an Application Metz JAJ
Development of Robust Land-use Decisions in Eastern Europe under Technology, Climate, and System Change: The Case of Ukraine Ermolieva T. Yu.*, Ermoliev Yu. M. *, Atoyev K. L. **, Golodnikov O. M. **, Gorbachuk V. M. **, Kiriljuk V. S. **, Knopov P. S. **
Global High-resolution Land-use Change Projections: A Bayesian Multinomial Logit Downscaling Approach Incorporating Model Uncertainty and Spatial Effects Krisztin T, Havlík P, Leclere D, Moreau I
Modelling the Spatio-temporal Complexity of Rural Solar Electrification in Traditional Communities of the Amazon Jara-Alvear J, Callo-Concha D, Denich M
BESTGRID Process: Going Beyond Existing Practices of Stakeholders’ Participation in Electricity Transmission Projects Komendantova, N., Sander, A., Schneider, T., Battaglini, A.
Energy Modelling on the Alpine Bow Leduc S, Kraxner K, Serrano León H, Garegnani G, Walzer C
New Feed Sources Key to Ambitious Climate Targets Walsh, Brian
Systemic Risk Management in Financial Networks with Credit Default Swaps Matt V. Leduc, Sebastian Poledna and Stefan Thurner
Commitment to Cooperation and Peer Punishment: Its Evolution Sasaki T, Okada I, Uchida S, Chen X
Individual coping versus systemic vulnerability: theory and applications for Sub Saharan Africa Van Wesenbeeck CFA., Keyzer MA, Sonneveld BGJS, Voortman RL
Defining New Global Land-use Map in 2050 by Including Environmental Flow Requirements Pastor AV, Palazzo A, Havlik P, Ludwig F, Obersteiner M, Kabat P
Taking Differences in Institutional Quality into Account in Global Forest Modelling Wehkamp J. (1,2), S. A. Pietsch (3), F. Kraxner (3), W. H. Reuter (3), S. Fuss (1), M. Gusti (3), N. Koch (1)
Projection of Subnational Social Heterogeneity in India Speringer M, KC S
System Analysis in International Development: From Concept to Application in Flood Prone Communities Keating A, Mechler R, Magnuszewski P, Liu W, Mochizuki J
Renewable Energy Production from Municipal Solid Waste to Mitigate Climate Change: A Spatially Explicit Assessment for Malaysia Tan ST, Leduc S, Kraxner F
Modelling the Electricity Value of Mauritius’ Sugarcane Industrial Ecosystem Using Systems Dynamics Approach Mutanga SS, Marne dV, Mbohwa C, Rogner H
Systems Analysis of Economic Impact of Climate Change and Extremes: A Case of a Canadian Prairie Mixed Farm Poudel, S. and Kulshreshtha, S.
Inclusion of Local Water Solutions as a Way to Improve the Availability and Management of Water at the Peri-urban Area of Oaxaca, Mexico 1Mendez-Jaime C., 2Salas-Colunga R. and 1Fenner R.
Filling the Cups: Learning about Systems through Community-based Processes Hager GM, Kopainsky B, Nyanga PH
Spatial Harmonizing of Protected Areas and Renewable Energy Production Serrano-León H, Kraxner F, Leduc S
Modelling of Energy Storages and Power-to-x-technologies in the Energy System Model TIMES PanEU Welsch J, Blesl M
Integrated Analysis of the Mobility System and its Backing Energy System Georges G, Küng L, Vögelin P, Boulouchos K
Time-periodic and Space-cyclic Exploitation of Renewable Resources Belyakov AO, Davydov AA, Veliov VM
A Multi-landform Numerical Framework for Modelling Large Scale Coastal Morphoddynamics Andres P, Jim WH, David FM, Mark D, Robert JN
Coupling Terrestrial and Marine Biophysical Processes with Livelihood Dynamics for Analysis of Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh A.N. Lazar, A. Payo, R. J. Nicholls, C. Hutton, H. Adams, M. Salehin, A. Haque, D. Clarke, L. Bricheno, J.A. Fernandes, A. Ahmed
A System Dynamics Model for Flood Response Berariu, R., Fikar, C., Gronalt, M., Hirsch, P.
System Analysis in Recognition of Strong Earthquake-prone Areas Gvishiani AD, Dzeboev BA
Systems Intelligence Integration: Elucidating the Non-Computable, Incomprehensible, and Hidden Ill Patterns in Complex Systems Behavior Legaspi, R., Maruyama, H.
Unlocking the Potential of Modern Bioenergy Services in Agro-industrial Sector in Indonesia: A Systems Approach Khatiwada D, Silveira S, Harahap F, Palmen C
Energy Use and Emissions of City Buses in Brazil – Alternative Scenarios for Curitiba Dennis Dreier (a), Semida Silveira (a), Dilip Khatiwada (a), Keiko V.O. Fonseca (b), Rafael Nieweglowski (c), Renan Schepanski (c)
Understanding Carbon Cycling of Terrestrial Ecosystems as a Fuzzy System Shvidenko A, Schepaschenko D, Kraxner F, Maksyutov S
Path Dependence in Systems Analysis – The Outcome of a Problem-solving Process Depends on the Path Followed Lahtinen T. J. , Hämäläinen R. P.
Synergies and Trade-offs between Climate Mitigation and Universal Access to Clean Cooking Goals Cameron C, Pachauri S, Rao N, Riahi K, Ummel K
Bayesian Networks in Decision Analysis for Complex Natural Resources Problems Varis, O.
The Statistical Mechanics of Functionalism Barbier MRC
Reindeer Husbandry as a Social-ecological System in a Warming Climate Käyhkö J, Horstkotte T, Kivinen S, Vehmas J, Oksanen L, Johansen B, Forbes B
Reshaping Global Change Science for the 21st Century: Young Scientists’ Perspectives Schinko T, Borgomeo E, Dufva M, Figge L, Schipfer F
The Contribution of Energy Efficiency Measures to Air Quality and Related Health Effects in China’s Cement Industry Shaohui Zhang *, Ernst Worrell1, Wina Crijns-Graus1, Maarten Krol2, Marco de Bruine2, Guangpo Geng3 Fabian Wagner4, Thomas Röckmann2, Janusz Cofala4
Transportation Planning in Complex Systems: A Case Study Noto G, Bereciartua P
Oil Prices and their Impact on Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions McCollum DM, Jewell J, Krey V, Bazilian M, Fay M, Riahi K
An Efficient Mechanism for Cross-border Support of Renewable Electricity in the European Union Busch S, Nakicenovic N, Ortner A, Bedard N
Modeling the Effects of Initial Density and Copper on Competition between Pseudokirchneriella Subcapitata and Chlorella Vulgaris Kim Y, Mo HH, Lee YS, Wee J, Cho K
Robust Food-Energy-Water Security Management for Sustainable Socioeconomic and Environmental Development: Methodological Challenges Zagorodny A., Yermoliev Yu., Bogdanov V., Heyetz V., Knopov P., Kostyuchenko Yu., Kulik M., Libanova E., Lylako V., Zgurovsky M.
Participatory Systems Modeling towards Integrated Spatial Planning for Functional Green Infrastructures: A Case Study from the Baltic Sea Region Dawson L, Elbakidze M
Using Systems Analysis to Forecast Labor Force Participation by Age, Sex, and Educational Attainment in Egypt to 2051 Alkitkat H, Ph.D. , Goujon A, Ph.D.
Understanding the Drivers of Urban Expansion: Case Study of Seville Province Hewitt R, Shchiptsova A, Rovenskaya E
Reconciling Information from Alternative Climate-economic Models: A Posterior Integration Approach Shchiptsova A, Kovalevsky D, Rovenskaya E
The Role of Fossil Carbon Capture and Storage in the Transformation Towards a Low-carbon Energy System Krey V, McCollum DL, Riahi K
Delineation of Commingled Climate and Urbanization Influences and Identification of Thresholds in Lake-Watershed Systems: A Tentative Framework and Case Studies Jain S, Beyene MT
Systemic-risk Dilemmas Emerging from Reactive Investments Boza G, Dieckmann U
The Role of Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Tools in Supporting Systems Analysis at IIASA Steffen Fritz, Linda See, Inian Moorthy, Ian McCallum, Christoph Perger, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Myroslava Lesiv, Anatoly Shvidenko, Carl Salk, Martina Duerauer, Mathias Karner, Tobias Sturn, Christopher Dresel, Dahlia Domian, Antonia Dunwoody, Florian Kraxner and Michael Obersteiner
Advanced Stochastic Optimization Modeling of the Water-energy-food Nexus for Robust Energy and Agricultural Development: Coal Mining Industry in Shanxi province, China Gao J, Sun C, Xiangyang X, Cao G-Y, Ermoliev Y, Ermolieva T , Mosnier A, Rovenskaya E
Robust Rescaling Methods for Integrated Water, Food, and Energy Security Management under Systemic Risks and Uncertainty Ermoliev Y, Ermolieva T, Havlík P, Mosnier A, Obersteiner M, Leclere D, Fritz S, Kyryzyuk S, Kostyuchenko Y
Integrated Management of Land-use Systems under Systemic Risks and Food-(bio)energy-water-environmental Security Targets: A Stochastic Global Biosphere Management Model Ermolieva T, Havlík P, Ermoliev Y, Mosnier A, Obersteiner M, Leclere D, Khabarov N, Valin H, Reuter W
Transformation to a Non-fossil Society by 2050—the Swedish Case of the Stockholm-Mälar Region Liljenström H, Svedin U
Systems Analysis Induced Dynamic Modeling for Urban Social and Ecological Sustainability Challenges Das D
The Mathematical Modeling of Uncertainty and Risk Impact on Complex Systems Instability Knopov P, Atoyev K, Gorbachuk V
Solution of Evolutionary Games via Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations Krasovskii N.A., Kryazhimskiy A.V., Tarasyev A.M.
How to Increase the Accuracy of Crowdsourcing Campaigns? Nurmukhametov O. (1), Baklanov A. (2), Fritz S. (3), Khachay M. (4), Salk C. (5), See L.(6), Shchepashchenko D. (7)
Towards a Systems Approach for Sustainable Biorefineries Slegers P.M., van Boxtel A.J.B.
Smarter Every Day: The Deceleration of Population Ageing in Terms of Cognition Bordone V, Scherbov S, Steiber, N
Material Flow Analysis as Means to Enhance Resource Governance Exemplified by Phosphorus Zoboli O, Zessner M, Rechberger H
REDD-based Offsets: Benefit Sharing and Risks Krasovskii A, Khabarov N, Obersteiner M
Energy Systems Analysis and Scenarios: Impacts of Car Technology Market Prospects Gomez J, Jochem P, Fichtner W
A Dammed Future for African Rivers? Integrating Social and Environmental Impacts of Hydropower Dams for Sustainable Water Management Zarfl C, Berlekamp J, Kleinteich J, Tockner K
A Macro-Evolutionary Model of the Joint Dynamics of Technology, Finance, and Energy Systems Safarzynska, K., van den Bergh, J.
Acting with Systems Intelligence—Appreciating the Social and Behavioral Issues is Crucial in the Successful Application of Systems Analysis Hämäläinen RP, Saarinen,Esa
Assessing the Sensitivity and Uncertainty of an NH3 Emission Reduction Calculator for Dairy Cattle Barns by Means of Monte Carlo Analysis Combined with Least Square Linearization Mendes LB, Demeyer P, Brusselman E, Pieters J
Merging Sustainability Science and Energy Economics’ Perspectives to Address the “why” and the “how” in an Integrated Tool—Illustrated with the Example of Biogas from Agricultural Waste in Ecuador Eguez A, Bilke R
System Simulation by SEMoLa Danuso F, Savian F, Ginaldi F
Title Authors
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