Call for posters

Present your research at Systems Analysis 2015 via a poster! The poster session will be one of the scientific highlights of the conference.

We invite all conference participants to submit an abstract of their poster via the conference online registration form. For this submission, please supply:

  • Your poster title (max 25 words)
  • Your poster abstract (between 100 and 300 words)
  • Names and affiliations of your poster coauthors

The Systems Analysis 2015 Scientific Committee will select posters according to their scientific merit and match with the conference theme. Therefore, posters and poster abstracts should describe innovative methodology in or application of systems analysis, or present your perspective on the current and future challenges of systems analysis. All posters and poster abstracts need to be in English.

The screening of incoming poster abstracts will be conducted on a rolling basis until the conference’s capacity for poster display is filled. Applicants will be notified of the result within 3 weeks of their abstract submission. Space is limited at the conference venue; therefore you are encouraged to complete your online registration and abstract submission early to confirm your place at the conference. The deadline for submission of poster abstracts is 30 September 2015.

The abstracts of accepted posters, as well as the posters themselves, will be published online on the conference website. See further important information in the Guidelines for Poster Presenters available here.

In addition to a dedicated poster session, all posters will be displayed at the venue throughout the entire conference to maximize viewing opportunities. Conference participants will be asked to vote for their best poster and awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Best poster
  • Best poster by a young scientist (a PhD student or a researcher with a PhD degree awarded during 2010 to 2015)
  • Best poster by a mid-career scientist (a researcher with a PhD degree awarded between 2000 and 2009)